Dolphinwatch Special Interest Charters
Dolphinwatch Special Interest Charters


Pelagic Magic Charter

An exciting excursion around Loop Head. This is a rare opportunity to witness the magnificent world class geology at Loop Head and its massive, legendary sea-stack and to look for whales, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and ocean going sea birds like shearwaters, skuas and petrels.  We only run these trips when we have the right conditions at certain times in the season.

In June, the cliffs ledges are jam-packed with nesting seabirds, particularly Guillemots and Kittiwakes - the noise and smell (!) is phenomenal and can only be truly appreciated from the boat on the water (at a respectful distance).  Sometimes we are fortunate enough to see sunfish or Basking Sharks, who are becoming a common sighting on the North side of the Loop Head Peninsula more frequently every year.

In the Autumn, Minke Whales are commonly seen and, occasionally, Fin Whales are spotted around Loop Head - feeding on the shoals of sprat and herring, coming into the Mouth of the Shannon.

Duration:  4 - 4 1/2 hrs.
Price: Group charter rates available on request.
Passenger capacity: 48
Please contact us for further information and a quote.



Scattery Island Picnic & Heritage Walk Charter

Scattery Island is a monastic settlement in Mouth of the Shannon, near Kilrush, dating back to the 6th century, founded by St. Senan.  It has a fascinating history from the time of the monks to 1978, when the last inhabitants left the island.  There are seven churches built over the centuries, a round tower (one of the highest in Ireland), ancient gravestones, a Napoleonic Battery, a working lighthouse, a holy well and the intact remains of a small village.
Come and explore the island with us on a walking guided tour & enjoy a seafood picnic basket prepared by the award-winning Long Dock Restaurant with a glass of wine surrounded by history in this remote and idyllic setting.

Duration: 4 - 4 1/2 hours
Price: Group charter rates available on request
Passenger capacity: 25
Please contact us for further information and a quote.

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