Dolphins & Nature Boat Trip

Our Dolphins & Nature Boat Trip takes you on a wildlife adventure at the Mouth of the River Shannon, home to Europe’s largest group of resident bottlenose dolphins.

The dolphins in this Special Area of Conservation are generally seen in family groups, moving throughout the area following the tidal currents in search of food, socialising or resting. Calves are born each year and we are often lucky enough to see them within a group we are watching.  Juvenile dolphins are especially playful, and we often wonder who is watching who while they are swimming or bow riding with the boat.


While finding dolphins is our main objective, there is so much else to experience on this journey around the Mouth of the Shannon.

Spectacular cliffs sculpted by the Atlantic waves, marine wildlife such as grey seals, peregrine falcons, choughs, gannets, nesting sites of pelagic sea birds and  fascinating historic landmarks rich in maritime culture and folklore... This diverse natural heritage helps our understanding of why the dolphins are here and it is what makes our boat trip experience unique.

Trip Duration - 2 - 3 hrs. and sometimes longer.  We aim to find dolphins on every trip, but please keep in mind that they are wild animals and we must be patient and accepting of what each trip brings.

N.B. Our dolphin encounter success rate is among the best in the world, we are extremely good at predicting their behaviour patterns from decades of experience. However, they are wild animals and we do not (as a rule) give refunds if you do not see dolphins, it is a risk you take when going in search of wildlife.

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