Dolphinwatch Terms & Conditions

Dolphinwatch reserves the right to cancel a boat trip at any time.  Circumstances for cancelling may include: poor sea conditions, necessary boat repair or maintenance, illness of essential crew or skipper. 

Dolphinwatch reserves the right to refuse boarding to any person who it is felt by any member of staff to be a liability on board; e.g. a person showing signs of drunkenness or beligerence.

Dolphinwatch is not responsible for accident or injury that incurs on the pier, in the car park, or anywhere else prior to boarding.

Dolphinwatch reserves the right to alter trip prices during the season, once they are changed on the website.

Dolphinwatch does not accept responsibility for any personal items that may be lost or stolen.

Dolphinwatch will refund you if a trip has been paid for in advanced and had to be cancelled due to weather or sea conditions or for any other reason.

Dolphinwatch does not have to refund passengers who miss the boat due to lateness, or decide against it without prior notice.

Dolphinwatch may give refunds, at their own discretion, depending on circumstances. 

Refunds are not given if dolphins are not seen during the trip.

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